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In this age of unprecedented mass consumerism, where most of us are caught up in a lifestyle of getting the fastest, smallest or biggest and or trendiest "thing".  Very often quality, durability and uniqueness are overlooked.  Some of us, however, are looking for something different.  Something with substance and personal style, something made specifically for you by someone with pride and passion for what they do.  This is what we provide at Thak Ironworks.  

I invite you to spend some time exploring my gallery of past custom commissions.  From the beginning of my career, I combined three distinct concepts, blacksmithing, armouring and sculpture.  To me, they are all one form of expression, and approach to metal working as art and craft.  This is what I've chosen to do with my life and I approach it with a lot of intensity and purpose.

I've divided this gallery into a few different categories for your convenience, but I hope you will view it in it's entirety.

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